T-Mobile to push out four Android updates this year, maybe every year

alt-donutWhile I was at the T-Mobile myTouch 3G event earlier today, a rep from T-Mobile whispered a few sweet nothings into my ear. I didn’t think anything of it because PR folk are always trying to butter me up, but there was something about Android updates that popped up.

Apparently, T-Mobile will be pushing out four Android updates this year or I’m lead to believe, but four updates were definitely mentioned. Two being minor while the other two being major updates for the OS. 1.1 was the minor and 1.5 was the first major leaving two more updates. Other details were not privy to me, but the next will be Donut (obvs). I’m afraid that’s it, though.

And because Devin made the images for me, I’ll post both of them to keep him happy.