T-shirt gun listed on Nike's website for $1500

Who hasn’t been at a sporting event and wished for one of those T-shirt cannons? Nike is “selling” the Nike T-shirt Gun seen in the above video for just $1500. I put “selling” in quotes because it doesn’t seem legit. It’s one of those “internet jokes” that you may have read about in USA Today.


According to the product description:

Better than you’ll find in any stadium or arena, the Nike T-shirt Gun is the best in fan gear for your favorite sporting event.

  • The Nike T-shirt gun delivers only Premium Nike T-shirts.
  • Eliminates poor fitting, uncomfortable, lame-designed T-shirts on all your friends.
  • Each limited edition T-shirt gun is numbered and engraved with the signature of a Nike athlete.
  • Quality Craftsmanship guarantees your T-shirt gun will last game after game.

A T-shirt gun with unlimited premium Nike T-shirts that can shoot those shirts onto other people? If only it wasn’t out of stock! I suspect it’ll be out of stock indefinitely unless Nike has somehow managed to make an affordable T-shirt cannon that doesn’t rely on a giant backpack full of compressed air. That, and the magic T-shirt trick it can do.

Nike T-shirt Gun [Nike.com via Newlaunches]