Thanko sells (almost) silent keyboard


Tokyo-based crap gadget maker and USB specialist Thanko has a weakness for PC mice. In the last weeks, they gave you the “mid-air” mouse, a mouse with insects in it, a heated and a cooling mouse. The last one, a “silent” mouse that makes almost no sound when using it, seems to be a perfect fit for Thanko’s newest invention: a silent keyboard [JP].


The aptly named Silent Keyboard EX produces just 44.5db of noise when you type (thanks to lots of silicone used beneath the keys), as opposed to the 61.7db conventional keyboards torture your ears with. The Thanko keyboard connects via USB, has a QWERTY layout and is sized at 445 x 146 x 37 mm.

Geek Stuff 4 U offers it for $52.79 plus shipping and if you’re up for it, you can get it bundled with the silent mouse for $77.17 plus shipping.