Video: Sony Ericsson's new Android UI "Rachel" gets toured

Uh-oh. Better look out, HTC. Looks like Sense isn’t the only gorgeous Android overhaul on the block anymore. USEB managed to scrounge up a demo of Sony Ericsson’s Android interface, codenamed “Rachel” (as inherited from the device it’s expected to launch on, also named “Rachel”), and man does it look fantastic.

What to look for:

  • Notice the static row of icons, serving as a “dock” of sorts on the homescreen. This appears to replace the handle-ish element that you usually pull on to open the Android apps drawer.
  • They’ve got some sort of horizontally-scrolling navigation screen which shows up around the 25 second mark. This part looks very HTC TouchFLO-esque. We’re not quite sure how it’s invoked, as nothing happens on screen. Dedicated hardware key?
  • All-in-one messaging system seems to allow you to tap into any contact, then immediately view relevant info, calls, sMS, Email, MMS, and Twitter/Facebook updates.