It's official (kind of): People prefer the Kindle

The Catalyst Group, who ran a fairly unscientific study of Google v. Bing preferences, have run another fairly unscientific study of Kindle v. Sony Reader user preferences. The results? The Kindle won on all fronts, beating Sony’s aged ereader handily.

The Group asked 12 interviewees, six men and six women, what they thought of both devices. They were asked about physical controls, the general “feel,” UI, resolution, and shopping experience. Eight respondents preferred the Kindle overall, three preferred the Sony, and one apparently fell asleep and pretended to like both when he or she woke up because there was one tie.
Kindle v Sony – FINAL

Respondents found that the Kindle had clear navigation and a better shopping experience while some liked the sturdy design of the Sony Reader. Everyone wanted a color device and they would have paid about $210 for the Kindle and $185 for the Sony although the real prices, as we know, are closer to $300.

Obviously asking twelve strangers about two devices is not a very scientific way of getting general insights on a product, but this is more anecdotal evidence than fact. Quote Justin Kazmark for the Catalyst Group:

I think overall people understood that it was more anecdotal and took the qualitative data with a grain of salt. I think the study still delivers some interesting insights despite the small survey pool.

Which do you guys prefer?