Old and busted: Google Chrome OS; New hotness: Hanna Montana Linux!

hanna montana linux
The Interwebs are abuzz today with the news of the fancy Google operating system, but I’m here to tell you that it’s dead in the water. Like the Palm Pre, and the electric car, it’s too little too late. Nothing will be able to stand up to the latest, greatest iteration of the Linux operating system: Hanna Montana Linux!

What makes Hanna Montana Linux so great, you ask? Here’s three compelling reasons, straight from the Hanna Montana Linux about page:

one : Hannah Montana Linux can`t get viruses so you could say its virus proof

two : Hannah Montana Linux is Free as in you do not have to pay for it and that you can change anything you don`t like the code is all open so its called open source

three : don`t you hate looking around the internet to find software like on Windows and Mac OS X not on Hannah Montana Linux well you can do it like that if you wanted to but on Hannah Montana Linux you have a Package manager so you can type in what you want or just browse then just check mark and click apply now is`t that nice also you have about 50,000 pieces of free software and a lot more software that cost money plus you can use Windows software if you install wine .

What are you waiting for? Hanna Montana Linux is available for download today! Hanna Montana and Linux, it’s the best of both worlds!