The ZZZ Checker monitors and analyzes your sleeping behavior


A Japanese company called Spec Computer is selling a cool new gadget that makes it possible for insomniacs to get behind the reason for their sleeplessness. The good thing about the so-called ZZZ Checker [JP] is that in contrast to similar devices, it doesn’t require you to wear anything on your body, for example a wrist band.


It’s equipped with a microphone and an infrared sensor to collect sound (i.e. snoring, teeth grinding) and visual data (tossing, for example) while you sleep. The ZZZ Checker then analyzes all data and converts it into graphs that helps the user understand how deep his or her sleep was in three different levels: light, medium or deep (one graph is for visual, the other for audio data).


You can also connect the device to a PC via USB to archive the reports and get more detailed results (a piece of software is bundled with the device).

If you live outside Japan, you can get the ZZZ Checker at the Japan Trend Shop for $248 plus shipping (it’s Japan-only).