PCs used in cyberwar attack now beginning to self-destruct


Do you have North Korean Cyberwar Blues? The latest news is that, though the “attack” seems to be waning, the Evil Doers have one more trick up their sleeve: they’re going to delete all your data? Or are they?

SecureWorks, which is in the business of warning people about Internet-related security threats, says some of the PCs used in this great North Korean Botnet of Doom are infected with a version of the mydoom virus. And, sometime today, these PCs are scheduled to begin erasing the data of the hard drive on which they reside.

And, just as I write this, it does look like some of these PCs are beginning to self-destruct.

What to make of all this? I don’t know. I use a Mac. (Hopefully Chrome OS takes off in numbers; the Internet is suffering under the weight of all these Windows viruses and whatnot.)

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