She's my final fantasy: G4's ‘Girl at the Video Game Store’ music video is unexpectedly really good

Oh, how I wanted to hate this video. Yesterday was the thousandth episode of Attack of the Show—how did you celebrate?—and while I only caught about two minutes in between commercials of whatever else I was watching (I think it was a documentary about salt; I’m not joking), I did manage to catch the tail end of this video. It’s “The Girl at the Video Game Store,” a song written by Parry Gripp; the video was directed by Michael W. Shaw, of G4.

The premise is simple: there’s always one girl at the local GameStop, and she’s always the center of attention. This song is about her, played here, with aplomb, by Olivia Munn.

I tell ya, if I had been drinking water or whatever when I first heard the line “she’s my final fantasy” I would have done a spit-take.

Well done, I say, and I hate everything, as you all must know by now.