Thanko's newest spy gadget is a video camera-equipped pen


Following the spy button camera that just came out last week, a USB necktie with a built-in camera and a camera watch, Tokyo-based gadget maker is now offering a pen with an integrated micro camera [JP]. The so-called Super Slim Video Pen isn’t as spectacular as previous spy gadgets from that company but comes with a decent price, at least.


The pen (length: 14cm) has 2GB of internal memory, supports microSD cards (up to 8GB) and features a USB port. It shoots video in 736×576 (AVI) and pictures in 1280×960 (JPEG). All you need to do is press a small button on the top of the pen. Charge it for 40 minutes and you can shoot up to three hours of video.

People living outside Japan can get the pen at Geek Stuff 4 U for $74.69 plus shipping (but it’s only compatible with Windows XP and Vista).