The #Europas: In Video, Pictures and Posts

Our video streaming partner for The Europas Awards last night was, which also produces awesome corporate videos under the Newspepper brand, featuring the irrepressible Hermione Way. Here’s their take on the event:

The first part of our panel on “Where is Europe now?” featuring Sarah Lacy, Tariq Krim, Stefan Glaenzer, Brent Hoberman and Michael Birch.

The second part of the panel:

The third part of the panel:

Here’s a little impromptu moment after the awards. Thanks everyone!

And below are the official pictures from the event so far. Please go and add a tag with your name (e.g. “mikebutcher”) on the images on Flickr so we know how to title them. Images are available for non-commercial use (for instance you are welcome to add them to your blog post or company site in your coverage of the awards). If you require any photos in print quality, you can get them directly from our photographer Dirk Lindner.

BTW, you may recall the rather odd lady who tried and failed to present an award. Introduced as Susan Thompson from Nexus Ventures, she looked like she was having an asthma attack onstage before she was whisked off. However, she was actually comedian and former T4 presenter Olivia Lee filming a segment for her new show for Comedy Central. We thought it would be funny… well…. at least it was for the first minute or so!

Here is more coverage of The Europas:


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