Acer Android/XP netbook shipping next month?

acerAcer’s previously-reported Android netbook will apparently be shipping next month as a dual-boot XP/Android system.

According to DigiTimes:

“Acer is expected to launch its previously announced dual-OS netbook, with both Windows XP and Android, in August 2009, while Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics both set to benefit from the orders, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report.”

Acer had been heard to say that the dual-boot setup is the safest route for the time being since Android is still in its infancy. So the cost savings that’d normally come about from a non-Windows machine won’t be realized in this initial go-around since Acer will still have to pay the XP licensing fee.

Still no word on pricing although this August launch, if true, comes sooner than “the end of the year,” as previously reported.

[via DigiTimes]