Free night vision goggles with 1 (one) purchase of Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition"

Infinity Ward has spoiled the hopes of Modern Warfare fanbois everywhere by doing their own pre-release unboxing of the special editions of Modern Warfare 2. A little weird having an unboxing for a game not coming out for another three months, but it’s worth it to see what’s in there. Sure, you got your special metal game case, your fun art book that you’ll read so many times, but the kicker is the functioning night vision goggles and sculpted head included in every “Prestige” edition of the game.

Considering a monocular night vision system costs at least $200 by itself (far more for a head-mounted binocular one like they have there), I’m guessing this edition is going to cost you slightly over MSRP for the game.

It’s cool, to be sure, but it’s like including a car with Need For Speed and then pricing the game at $29,000. These things are sold separately for a reason! And I play games with night vision in them because I can’t actually afford real night vision goggles, special edition ones or not!

[via Engadget]