Hitachi reveals the latest SimpleTech line of USB drives, network adapters

picture-6Months after taking over Fabrik (SimpleTech), Hitachi unveiled today the fruits of their labor: SimpleTough, SimpleDrive Mini and the SimpleNet.

The rough and tumble SimpleTough USB drive can sustain a 10-foot drop without skipping a beat. It’s also water- and shock-resistant and comes with a wraparound USB cable. The SimpleTough is available in the following sizes: 250GB ($100), 320GB ($120), 500GB ($150), and 640GB.


The SimpleDrive Mini is nothing special unless you like your portable drive to be red wine, blue dusk or carbon fiber aka black, which is basically all this line is known for. Drive sizes are the same as the Tough line and prices are $10 cheaper.


Rounding out today’s announcement is the SimpleNet USB network adapter. It retails for $80 and you can connect up to two USB drives to your home network at a time.


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