In the cards for Android: more payment options, better social capabilities

Just as we can look forward to the “two major, two minor” updates a year for Android, it looks like we can count on them to respond to pressure from both users and competitors when it comes to feature inclusion. At a recent T-Mo/Google event, Google’s Andy Rubin discussed some future capabilities for Android, although nothing was set in stone.

Increased social networking options were on the agenda; for example, Rubin said that when a person called, their Facebook status could pop up along with the name. Personally, I’d rather just see the name and a photo, but I’m sure it’d be optional. A single synergy-like contact page for a person, however, with phone, facebook updates, pictures and so on, would be welcome.

New methods of paying for things in the Android Marketplace were also mentioned: adding your app purchases or fees directly to your T-Mobile bill, for instance. I don’t personally have any trouble with Google Checkout, but if you’re among those who would prefer the information-hoarding Google-ogre didn’t have your credit card info, I can’t really blame you, and it seems that help is on the way.

Lastly, I have to point out that the Wall Street Journal makes a serious technical error in their article. The Android updates are in no way named after “desserts.” They are named after bakery goods. When was the last time you had a Donut for dessert? I just lost a lot of respect for the WSJ.

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