Product shots for T-Mobile Samsung T559 Comeback revealed


Don’t call it a Comeback!
Wait, no. That other one. Do call it a Comeback – because that’s what its called.

We saw this thing in all of its QWERTY-sliding meatiness way back in May, though we didn’t have a name for it then. With the purported July 15th launch date just days away and Samsung’s terrible leak track record, we’re surprised its taken this long for the product shots to get out. PhoneArena has managed to scrounge up shots of the smart-looking dumbphone in both purple and red.

Looking like a cross between the T-Mobile Sidekick and the Verizon Alias, this is bound to cater right to that massive chunk text-hungry teen audience that can’t drop $200 on their phone. As long as they manage to get this thing in at under $80 bucks or so, it should sell like soy burgers at a vegan convention.

And yes, you can fully expect T-Mobile to play this song to death in the marketing efforts.