Video: LG is marketing the GM730 with… puppets?

So, let’s say you’re really digging the LG GM730. It was perfect: you loved the look of the KM900 Arena, but needed something with a bit more Windows Mobile – bam, the GM730 fit the bill. Same 3″ screen, same 5 megapixel camera, and they’ve even thrown a bit of that S-Class interface on top of WinMo for good measure. But you’re still on the edge, unsure if it’s really what you want. You know what would help finalize that decision? Puppets.

Because even the residents of Sesame Street need to get their smartphone on from time to time, LG has made the totally cracked out decision of pitching the GM730 with puppets. We’re not sure how this is supposed to make us want the phone, but it does make us want a juicebox and a nap.