Boost drops all unlimited plans down to $50


Just months ago, Boost unveiled their mega-cheap “UNLTD By Boost” package. By picking one of three plans on their tiered system, you could get just the features you wanted. $50 bucks got you Unlimited Talk, $60 bucks scored you Unlimited Talk & Text, and for $70 you’d walk away with the whole shebang: Talk, Text, and Data. It was already a pretty sweet deal.

Well, they’ve kicked it up another notch by simplifying the whole thing. The $60 and $70 dollar plans are now dead, gobbled up by the $50 dollar plan. For just a single green picture of Ulysses S. Grant, you get unlimited everything on a network powered by Sprint. As long as you can dig up a phone you like, that’s one hell of a deal. In contrast, an iPhone owner on AT&T could spend twice that for Unlimited Text/Data, with all of 400 minutes packed in.