Military-grade wrist keyboard built for fighting and Twittering


TwitterSoldier69: What a day! Glad it’s almost lunch! Need to reload machine gun later! Mondays, blah!

The iKey AK-39 may just be the most intimidating keyboard ever. Well, maybe not but it does look pretty cool for a keyboard. It features green LED backlighting and can even be configured in night-vision mode.

It’s built for drops, spills, and harsh elements, too, as it’s rugged enough to meet MIL-461 military standards.

According to the product description:

“The AK-39’s small-footprint design features essential components for military and public safety applications, including an integrated Force Sensing ResistorTM (FSR) pointing device with left- and right-click functionality, and adjustable green LED backlighting that is also available in a night vision (NVIS) compatible configuration. Designed with gloved users in mind, the AK-39’s snap-on faceplate eliminates accidental key strokes and can be easily removed to clean the pad.”

If you’re thinking of buying one, prepare to pay. There’s no pricing info except for an “Add to Quote” button on the company’s site. Any time a company representative has to call you to sell you a keyboard, it’s not going to be cheap.

iKey AK-39 [ via Engadget]