Colorado plan would give free cellphones to low income people


Wow, you can totally tell when Drudge links to a news story. Take this one, which details a Colorado plan to give free cellphones to low income people. Similar programs, using landline telephones, have existed for some time, paid for by a federal tax on telephones. So it’s not like this is new money we’re talking about, you know, being used to help people. But check out these comments, alluding to the destruction of the American way of life, whatever that is—crippling credit card debt?

The day will come that the Goverment will try to make us pay as much in tax as we make. No wonder people are willing to go on goverment assistance, its the only way to fly.

Why don’t we just give them all free cable TV…and a free Tivo, so that they won’t ever have to worry about missing an episode of Oprah.

This is why we are broke! Since when is a cell phone a necessity of life? Is cable, satellite service? What is next? Time for a tax revolt-the producers are getting sick of pulling the cart for the non-producers of the country. Time for a tax revolt.

And so on. It’s a bit of an overreaction, yes, especially when there’s no new money involved. It’s an existing tax.

But back to the program. Recipients would get 83 free minutes per month&more than enough to receive phone calls from prospective employers. It uses a Motorola phone, presumably a low, low end one. Remember: it’s about helping the less fortunate find a job, just spend all day cruising the iPhone App Store.