Samsung Comeback set to cost about $130 too much


The Samsung Comeback might not have launched today as it was expected to, but the details continue to trickle in. We’ve got the product shots, we’ve got the specs, and now that last oh-so-important detail has come out: the price.

According to this snap conjured up by BGR, the Samsung Comeback is going to knock you back $130 bucks with a 2 year-contact – and that’s with a $50 mail-in rebate! With the vastly smarter T-Mobile G1 floating just around for a few bucks more, this seems absurd. Come on, T-mobile: it’s a dumbphone with a cramped keyboard. Get it under $100 bucks, at the very most.

Anyway – with pricing information now floating around the stores, expect this thing to hit the shelves soon.