Thirty-eight Wii accessories for $38? What's the catch?


If you’ve just purchased the Nintendo Wii, let me be the first to tell you that you’re going to need to set aside at least as much as you spent on the console in an “accessory fund” — hopefully interest-bearing.

At first glance, this “Nintendo Wii 38-in-1 Super Accessory Bundle Pack” seems like it’d get a lot of those pesky accessory purchases out of the way at an easy-to-swallow $38 purchase price.

Upon closer inspection, though, many of those 38 accessories are made up of tiny nubbins, caps, and dust covers. You do get a steering wheel, golf club, baseball bat, tennis racket, “multi complex mini stick”, hand grip pad, and a couple of remote cases, but after that the remaining 30 accessories are mostly fluff.

Like the 14-piece “console port silicon dust cover” and the 10 “Nunchuk silicon caps” — silicon caps that go over the stick part of the Wii nunchuk. Gee, thanks.

Nintendo Wii 38-in-1 Super Accessory Bundle Pack [Overstock via]