Zombie T-shirt! For free!


Impress your friends and mortify your co-workers with this unassuming Resident Evil T-shirt that TRANSFORMS YOU INTO A ZOMBIE!

How much will this shirt set you back? Zero dollars! There’s a catch, though, of course: you have to attend Comic Con in San Diego next week and play through one of the levels of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles with a friend.

According to Capcom-Unity.com:

“All you have to do is bring a friend, play through one of the levels in co-op mode, and then you and your partner get to walk away with your very own zombie shirt. Simple.”

Not like going to San Diego would be the worst way in the world to spend your time. Nice weather, beautiful women, fun outdoor beach bars. Of course, if you’re at Comic Con, you won’t see any of that. But hey, free transforming zombie t-shirt!

[Capcom-Unity via Destructoid]