CrunchDeals: Pre-order Red Faction: Guerilla at GamersGate, get Red Faction 1 and 2 free

ddb-rfg12What a nice, long headline! It’s true, though. Red Faction: Guerilla just got dated and it’s coming out September 15. If you’re sure you want to get it, I’d pre-order over at GamersGate, where you’ll get the awesome first game and mediocre second game for free. Why not? Don’t tell me you don’t deserve it. Besides, $40 is as cheap as you’re going to find it anywhere else… sure as hell cheaper than buying it on launch day at EB or something.

If you’re not sure you want the game, allow me to speak up for it. I played it way back at E3 2008 (that’s a year ago, not a month ago) and it was already a blast. From what I’ve heard (particularly from Penny Arcade), they’ve expanded on it quite a lot, and seriously, it’s fun as hell.