Verizon to open up GPS on the Omnia


We just got word from Verizon that they’re planning on opening up the GPS on the Omnia to third parties soon. How soon? Really soon. As in within the hour. No longer bound to VZ Navigator, you should be able to use just about any WinMo 6.1-friendly navigation app you can dig up. Freedom!

Verizon’s word:

“…new software for the Samsung Omnia will be available within the hour. This software will give customers an additional option for navigation. The open GPS feature allows customers to purchase or use free applications by adding them to the device. Of course, they can still use VZ Navigator with turn by turn directions that talk to you while driving and takes you to millions of locations throughout the U. S. and just recently parts of Europe.”

You’ll be able to download the update as soon as it goes live here.