Android and LG's GW620 "Eve" a match made in heaven

Apparently, the guys over at NieuweMobiel like to get their kicks by poking around in random XML files on LG’s website. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting pastime in the world (mostly because it isn’t), but it looks like our Dutch phone junkie comrades have struck the proverbial gold: they’ve managed to unearth a listing for the LG GW620 (A.K.A the Eve), one of the company’s first Android-powered handsets.

It’s not immediately obvious just by poring over the file’s contents, but the confirmation comes by looking at the name of the browser that’s set to ship stock with the device: what do you know, it’s listed as Android-Webkit (and version 3.1.2, no less). That’s not all though; upon further inspection, we’ve got a 320×480 display that we’re guessing is a touchscreen (after all, they probably wouldn’t want to go after their eternal rival Samsung with a disadvantage right out of the gate), support for UMTS and HSDPA, and a full QWERTY keyboard. To run through every detail here would take a while, so here’s the XML file, laid bare for your probing eyes to take in.