Minority Report and Precrime arrives via a Facebook events page – for a BBQ

Although we now have multi-touch interfaces via the handy iPhone, it appears the rest of the world promised by the Minority Report movie and its “Precrime” concepts has arrived sooner than we thought.

Brit Andrew Poole organised a simple barbeque to celebrate his 30th birthday party. He expected a total of 17 guests, so he bought a lot of burgers, rented a marquee and put some batteries into the portable MP3 player, as anyone with an impending significant birthday and an unused BBQ stove would. But his first mistake was to create an events page on Facebook. His second was to send out invitations to join the BBQ in a Devon field owned by a friend.

However, Minority Report became real when when eight police officers, some dressed in body armour, swooped in via a helicopter and a riot van. Police claimed they received reports a “large-scale” dance rave organised via something called the Internet. Police said local residents had tipped them off about a possible rave, which suggests that the “red ball” in this case was the people Poole is connected to on Facebook who tipped off the authorities.

Said Poole: “The thing (the helicopter) hovered over us for about 25 minutes, watching 15 people eat. They told us to take down the sound system and said everybody has got to leave. It was 4pm and we had not plugged in the music. What effectively police did was to stop 15 people eating burgers.”

However, Poole was clearly guilt of some kind of precrime. He put the time on it as “overnight” just in case “people wanted to sleep over.” Bad move.

Now, admittedly some people do organise a lot of, shall we say, interesting things, over Facebook. But using a helicopter to swoop a Facebook organised BBQ is a new one on us.

(via The Daily Telegraph)