Tweetminster Livewire tracks the UK political world

Tweetminster Livewire launches today. It’s a browser-based dashboard that aggregates the tweets of Members of the UK Parliament, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and of Parliament, Government and political parties.

It also – big breath – aggregates the tweets of political journalists, commentators and news sources from mainstream media to blogs; Filters relevant tweets in real time around trending topics; Recommends new users and helps to discover content via the Mr. Tweet API; Acts as a Twitter client, allowing people to interact with all the various feeds, tweet and view the posts of their friends.

The feeds update in real time a la twitterfall (or near real time for friends, mentions and DMs – every 30 seconds). That’s just a few of the features.

The service is being launched in partnership with The Independent newspaper

Is Tweetminster launching another Twitter client? No, Livewire is aimed at political news and conversations.

It’s an interesting move and could well be applied to all sorts of other areas.