LG Rumor 2 headed for Virgin Mobile?


Good news, pre-paid fans! You’ve got a new handset coming to your corner of the market. We can’t promise anything for sure, but we’ve got good reason to believe that Virgin Mobile will be getting the LG Rumor 2 sometime in the coming weeks.

Our source didn’t reveal whether the Rumor 2 would be on the pre-paid or post-paid (Helio) side of Virgin Mobile’s offerings – but as all of the current contracted options sport 3G capabilities and the Rumor 2 doesnt, we’re inclined to think it’ll be a pre-paid deal. This phone currently goes for anything between $80 bucks and nothin’ but a contract depending on which Sprint outlet you go through, so we wouldn’t expect it to break the bank on Virgin Mobile. We’ll update you if we hear more.