Windows Mobile 6.5 gets some last minute polish


While it shouldn’t be too much longer before Windows Mobile 6.5 makes its long awaited debut, it looks like folks over in Redmond aren’t quite done with it.

PocketNow spotted a new build of Windows Mobile 6.5 floating around the internets, and gave it the customary video runthrough. It’s all polish at this point, though there’s at least one change we’re quite happy to see.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this build of 6.5 should make the Pre feel pretty damn good about itself. The Pre was the first handset to shave a few pixels around the corners to emulate a rounded screen, giving it a very unique appearance. Well, it was unique – now it seems 6.5 handsets will do it as well.

More notable than a bit of curviness, however, is the new tabbing system. Tiny, nearly unusable tabs were but one of the many blights of Windows Mobile 6.1. The new system does away with tabs all together, instead putting pages on a looping track. Just tap in the right area along the appropriate side, and you’ll head in that direct. Much better!

[Via WMPoweruser]