A new HTC Android phone surfaces on the rumornets

We know that there are going to be dozens of Android handsets out there within a year, so why shouldn’t they start popping up all over the place? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that many of these phones will be as exciting as the Hero or Rachel, as this rumored HTC handset shows. It was natural with the G1, myTouch, and others that Android should start in the high end and work its way down — we early adopters were the guinea pigs, as usual.

Now that Android’s first growing pains are over, people can start stuffing it into less-than-stellar handsets and selling it to the unwashed masses.

The mystery HTC handset
, supposedly called the HTC Click, will be an entry-level handset that will compete directly with featurephones and cheaper touchscreen units. Good, good, it builds the Android community, but you’ll have to excuse me for being a handset snob and avoiding these ugly things if possible.

[via Gizmodo]