Create a Touchnote direct via ShoZu on the iPhone

You may well upload pictures from your phone via ShoZu, so it makes sense for them to partner with an outfit that can turn those cute pictures of the family into handy little postcards for Grandma, right? Thus ShoZu and Touchnote , the mobile print-on-demand service, are partnering to enable ShoZu’s iPhone mobile application a way to print any photo and have it mailed to anywhere in the world in 24 hours by Touchnote. The move represents one of the earliest uses of Apple’s iPhone In-App micropayments system. Shozu will of course get a cut of the revenue when people use it to create a Touchnote.

The Shozu application is available for the iPhone via Apple’s iTunes Store, and directly from ShoZu and its mobile site at ShoZu’s mobile app will, later this year, be hitting the app stores for Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Nokia’s Ovi and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry App World.