Gaming Software Company Arkadium Acquires

Arkadium, an NYC-based company that markets gaming software for brands, ad agencies, casino operators and online game websites, has bought for an undisclosed sum and has revamped its gaming portal GreatDayGames with a number of additional features to boot.

According to the company, customized advergames offer a fresh approach to exposing consumers to a brand and “keep them coming back for more”. Kenny Rosenblatt, CEO of Arkadium says: “The majority of display ads shown to gamers today are irrelevant to the player and worthless to the publisher. Casual gamers spend thousands of hours playing online and are highly receptive to relevant advertisements.”

Hence them betting on advergaming as a concept to find widespread adoption among marketers worldwide and creating some brand awareness by purchasing the relevant domain name / business

Arkadium says it currently boasts an online network of more than 250 Flash-based games that attracts over five million monthly unique users and is running a profitable operation, servicing big name clients Warners Bros., CBS, NBC, General Electric, Reader’s Digest, Mattel and Hasbro. The company also claims it serves more than 120 million page views each month within its game Arenas, with users spending an average of 20 minutes each session.