Namco jumps into the crowded sea of iPhone game developers

namcoHow many different ways can the iPhone pie be split? Namco just joined the leagues of gaming developers with iPhone-exclusive gaming shops. Touch Arcade reports that Namco is creating an “Apple Games” division, and will kick off the venture with a new version of the classic arcade franchise, Pac-Man, with Pac-Man Remix. The new division’s General Manager will be former I-Play Mobile Gaming producer and designer Jonathan Kromrey. Pac-Man Remix will play similarly to the original Pac-Man, but with some added power-ups that will allow your Pac-Man to jump over walls or move faster, for example. Of course, it’s not like Namco hasn’t already made games for the iPhone, but this is their way of saying: we just made a new game and want to promote it so we’ll create a new division and you will write about it. And write about it we did.