Phone Slipper protects your phone and holds your money

Something like this may have been done before in some capacity or another, but the basic idea of the Phone Slipper is a pocket on the back of a silicone phone case that holds your cash and credit cards in lieu of having to carry your wallet around. That’s actually not a bad idea.

If you think about it, most people carry around a phone, a wallet, and a set of keys at the very least. Being able to combine the phone and wallet part just makes for one less thing to leave at home by accident. Unless you leave your phone at home inside its phone slipper — then you’re pretty much screwed. Driving around aimlessly with no phone and no money is tantamount to homelessness on wheels.

The Phone Slipper (sexy tagline: SLIP IT ON, SLIP IT IN) costs $20 and is available for 8300-series BlackBerries and all generations of the iPhone.

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