Prankster tracks down Verizon CEO, yells at his house

When John Hargrave of (otherwise known as “that one site that allegedly pranked the SuperBowl“) found out that the wireless carriers were doing a whole lot of nothing to keep the data store in cellular customer accounts safe, he decided to do what any good angry person does: grab a bullhorn. Rather than camping out on a soapbox and spitting his spite to random passersby, however, John took it to someone who really should care: the CEO of Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg.

After digging up Seidenberg’s home address by way of one of those scammy-looking “cell phone record search” sites, Hargrave headed out armed with nothing but the aforementioned megaphone… and an amp. While we’re not sure if Seidenberg actually got the message (it didn’t appear as if anyone was home), he’s sure to hear about it every day for sometime.

[Via PhoneDog]