Samsung confirms it's working on a Tegra phone


We’ve gotta admit it: we’re pretty dang excited about Nvidia’s Tegra chipset. 720p video pumped out of our handsets? Yes please. Gorgeous graphics on the go? Hardware accelerated Flash? Android support? Yes, yes, and yes. All of this, and the battery requirements are better than what’s in most phones? Oh, hells yes. If Nvidia manages to meet all their promises, mobile handsets are about to get straight ridiculous.

Of course, the best chipset in the world is nothing without handsets built around it. When we interviewed Nvidia last month, they confirmed that a Tegra phone was on the way by the fourth quarter of 2009. While they did offer up a possible price point ($199), they wouldn’t shine any light on who might be making it. Fortunately, someone else has spoken up.

Earlier today, a Samsung representative confirmed to LAPTOP Magazine that the company was cracking away at a Tegra device. While no one can say for sure that Samsung will be the hands behind the aforementioned $200 Tegra phone, it’s a pretty safe bet. Samsung pushes out an estimated 78 billion different handset models each year – if anyone can work with a new chipset on the cheap, it’s them.