Bing Cashback Contest: Correct Answers Not Always Required

img_5Last week, we wrote about the Bing Cashback contest that rewards Bing searchers with a chance to win a $500 gift card. Well, the contest is in full swing, and if today is any indication, to win, you don’t even need to have the correct answer.

Today’s question was: “Bing #cashbackpack Trivia: What Bing cashback percentage does offer?” To find the answer, simply search for something like ““ bing cash back” on Bing, and you’ll see the sponsored result right at the top.

The answer? 20%. The problem? The winner said 10%.

That didn’t stop the Bing Cashback account from tweeting out:

Bing #cashbackpack Trivia: Congrats @hussain_sattu -today’s lucky winner for the $500 cash card in the Bing backpack!

Here’s what else is odd. The winner follows one user on Twitter, Bing Cashback. And they have a total of 4 tweets, 3 of which are for the Cashback content (and the other is “studying” — this contest is supposed to be for students). This is leading some to question if the entire thing isn’t rigged, or at the very least being gamed. Regardless, one thing seems very clear: Whoever is running the contest for Microsoft isn’t paying too much attention.

The contest is kind of a joke anyway. Once someone goes out and finds the answer, it looks like a bunch of other Twitter users are just repeating it, to try and win.

What an awesome contest. I think I’ll play tomorrow. When they ask for the correct cashback percentage for some website, my answer will be “watermelon.” I’m so gonna win that $500.

Update: Now Bing is saying that on a sub-site, 10% was listed for whatever reason, so it accepted that answer along with the 20% answer. May want to get those promotions in line Bing.






[Thanks Michael]