Kwaga – Organizing your e-mail with semantic search

I am drowning in e-mail. Like many web workers, my life is in my e-mail. Everything – work schedules, meetings, personal appointments – is in my e-mail. Those who follow my tweets know that I basically work from my inbox. I’ve been looking for a solution to help me organize my life and e-mail. Maybe I’ve found it with Kwaga.

As Philippe Laval, Kwaga’s CEO, explains in the video below, Kwaga is a semantic organizer that automatically parses out your e-mail and helps to organize it. For example, its automatic algorithm will read an e-mail mentioning a meeting and automatically post it on your calendar. It will track requests – for example, a request to send a file. Of course, this could still get messy but it is definitely an improvement over tools we have today. Kwaga uses semantic search technology, of which the founders of Kwaga are experts, having developed an enterprise-breed semantic search engine before.