ShareMyPlaylists brings the social to Spotify

Ever wished Spotify were a litte more… social? That you could share playlists with friends and discuss your favourite tracks? Well, you have been able to for a while with community site ShareMyPlaylists, but the site has just relaunched.

The result that its name is now deceiving: you can do an awful lot more than just share playlists. In fact, with its “wire” (a bit like a wall), “activity stream” and “friends”, it’s obviously aiming to a be fully-featured social network. Users can even create WordPress-powered blogs to discuss the music they love. And because the whole thing orbits Spotify, users are actively sharing, recommending and listening to new music all the time.

The killer feature of ShareMyPlaylists has always been basic playlist sharing. The site was never going to survive if Spotify ended up offering that feature itself. Now, though, it’s a compelling community site that offers tremendous value beyond the official client.

I can’t see Spotify building a site quite like this (they’ve got enough on their hands at the moment). Unless and until they do, ShareMyPlaylists is a very welcome addition to the ecosystem.