Bing's Idea Of A Perfect Summer Vacation: A Terrifying Lightning Storm

So, Microsoft had that contest where it would feature one user’s picture on Bing for an entire day — you know, the one I was mad about because you couldn’t submit keg stand pictures. The idea behind the contest was to have users submit their best summer vacation photos to a special Facebook group, where they could then be voted on. Well, now we have a winner. And it doesn’t exactly reek of summer.

The winning image (below), was one of 9,400 picture submissions. You’d think out of all of those, users would have found a more perfect summer vacation image than a giant lightning storm, but whatever, it is a good picture.

The contest apparently attracted more than 13,000 unique voters. And the pictures garnered nearly 28,000 wall posts on the Facebook page. But the stat I’m really interested in is that there were over 10,000 submissions, and only 9,400 were accepted. I’d love to see those other 600+ pictures. Keg stands?

The image will be featured on Bing on August 3, for the entire day.