Qualcomm SSLS: Wireless + Medicine and how the iPhone ties them together


Speaking at Qualcomm’s Smart Services Leadership Summit, Dr. Eric Topol’s introductory presentation is focused on the role of wireless devices in the medical field. Earlier this year at WWDC, Apple demoed the capabilities and value of the iPhone to the medical community for monitoring purposes. There are various medical devices in the works and already out on the market that could lend to better monitoring of one’s health and the iPhone appears to be the center of much of the attention.

Corventis recently received FDA approval for the PiiX heart rate monitor that’s an unobtrusive, water-resistant device that collects and transmits the wearer’s physiological information. Said physiological info includes: respiratory rate, BioConductance, daily activity level, heart rate variability and heart rate. The PiiX will begin testing via the Gary and Mary West Wireless Hospital this year.

Other devices in the works include the Triage Wireless wrist worn vital monitoring system, Proteus’s RFID monitoring pills, the iShoe project out of MIT and other various projects leveraging wireless technology to help better the lives of everyone.

At the center of it all seems to be the iPhone. It is, after all, the most viable mobile platform to relay data en masse. Perhaps the iPhone really is the end all of the mobile industry. One day soon we’ll all be wearing some monitoring tag that relays every facet of our body to our mobile device. Creepy, huh?