This August, the HTC Touch Pro 2 & Samsung Gravity 2 head to T-Mobile


You’ll have two more T-Mobile cellphones to pick from beginning next month. There’s the HTC Touch Pro2, which still doesn’t have an AT&T release date (so T-Mo can lord that over AT&T), and the Samsung Gravity 2.

All it takes is a quick glance at the photos to understand what the phones are about. That, or familiarity with the phones’ predecessors.

The HTC Touch Pro2 runs Windows Mobile 6.1—sad but true. Judging by BGR’s comments, a scientific sampling if there ever was one, the phone has heat. Someone even goes so far as to say he’ll switch his BlackBerry Bold for one. (But where’s the headphone jack?) No point in re-typing the specs when they’re all right there.


As for the Samsung Gravity 2, well, that’s more my speed: inexpensive, and sans personality cult. Again, the specs are as printed.

Too bad where I live, about an hour north of New York, T-Mobile isn’t so hot. What are you gonna do?

via BGR