Yo, developers: wanna go to Fiji?

BootStrap Camp (@bootstrapcamp), an entrepreneur-supported community that helps start-ups build connections and find people willing to help them out with a bit of coding or a few introductions, is launching with the mother of all promotions: 25 weeks on Vorovoro, the Tribewanted island in Fiji.

You don’t actually get 25 weeks on the island. That’s the total time available, which will be split between the community: BootStramp Camp will operate on the basis of “credits” you can earn by helping others. You can then spend those credits purchasing services from other members. Or weeks in Fiji.

Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than a bunch of bespectacled geeks (yeah, me included) parading themselves around a tropical island. Don’t expect it to be like Shipwrecked. But as a developer with a bit of spare time, I can think of worse ways to be rewarded.

There isn’t much to look at on the website yet, so I guess you should follow them on Twitter for more info.

One final thought: does this offer not pander to the misconception that European startups are lazy and too busy looking for a way onto to a tropical island? Leave your comments below.