Another iPhone App Tries To Kill The Business Card

My Name is E appeared earlier this year with a product which sounded familiar to most. It enables you to collect all your social and contact accounts – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other network – in one spot. However, the twist was that you could share them in real life with people you met over the mobile web or their “Connector”, the USB product they also sell. Today they’ve released an app for the iPhone which lets you share your card with the flick of your iPhone-holding hand. Could this be the final death of the business card? I doubt it, but this is going to be a pretty interesting product to watch.
The Connector is not dissimilar to Poken in some respect, but as well as the wireless USB device it also lets you exchange cards between any mobile via the mobile web. The new iPhone application allows card sharing through a simple flick of the wrist towards another iPhone with the app. E then connect both users and make sure they get automatically connected on the selected social networks as well.