One Website To Rule Them All: Explosions And Boobs


We on the web are a simple folk — especially us males. We need but two things to keep us happy: Explosions and boobs. And thank God someone has finally cut through all the BS, and given us exactly what we want in one brilliant site called yes, Explosions and Boobs.

The site is actually more elaborate than it may seem at first glorious glance. If you click on either the explosion picture or the picture of the boobs, you will get new pictures of explosions and boobs! Brilliant. It’s hours of endless fun waiting to happen. Who needs to sit through an entire Michael Bay movie when you have this?

Just go to it and be amazed. Obviously, it may not be safe for everyone’s place of work. But it’s apparently safe enough for Jim Lanzone, the former CEO of to tweet about it. Or maybe not. As Michael tweets in response, “see this is why you got fired as CEO of

Update: Alright, alright calm down. Lanzone wasn’t really fired as CEO. But for those who read it on Twitter and assumed that it must be true, consider this the official debunking.