One Young World is using social media to find 1,500 "leaders of tomorrow"

One Young World is a not-for-profit global initiative to find 1,500 “leaders of tomorrow”, to be sourced via social media thanks (in part) to software provided by Lucian Tarnowski‘s BraveNewTalent. Two delegates will be chosen from every country in the world to form a sort of alternative or youth UN, with the remaining places filled proportionally in line with global population distribution. China will have 259 delegates, India 223 and the US 61. To be eligible, you must have been born between 1984 and 1986.

The search will utilise WAYN, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and BraveNewTalent’s own platform. BraveNewTalent’s Facebook app, along with the YouTube search for future leaders, will be announced at a press conference tomorrow.

One Young World’s Inaugural Summit will take place in February 2010. Items on the agenda include inter-faith dialogue, the environment and global health. The cost of attendance for each delegate is €3,000.