HTC Hero flying towards an October 11th launch on Sprint?


Oh, the Internet. How mysterious it is. Packed from e-window to e-wall with “experts”, 95% of whom have no clue what they’re talking about. Then there’s that other 5% who, to some extent, do have an idea of what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, the endless torrent of falsities (bored kids making up Apple products, bored creepers misrepresenting the fact that they have male bits) on the internet have given the masses such a pessimistic thick skin that anything even remotely dubious is declared as false.

Such is the case with a claim by xda-dev member atomixpaintball. He’s been claiming since April — long before most of us gave a damn about the Hero, mind you — that the HTC Hero was coming on October 11th. Dubious? Sure. On one hand, it’s just some dude on a forum. On the other, his story (that he’s part of a wireless content development firm) isn’t absurd, the date makes sense, and 3+ months is a lot of time to waste over faking something as trivial as a launch date. Hell, most of the guys who spend a week making a fake render will admit it after a day or two. Rather than giving up and disappearing, he’s come back with an (admittedly simple) image reiterating the October 11th launch.

The pin on our finely tuned lie detector isn’t moving in the slightest; whether the information he has isn’t necessarily true, he certainly believes it is.

Also worth noting are the currently undetailed BlackBerry Aries and the apparently Android-based Samsung Q. Not a whole lot to go on there – but we’ll keep an eye out.