Motorola classes it up with the Android-powered Sholes


Alright Motorola, I’ve got to hand it to you. After seeing the Morrison rock that DayGlo Playskool look (and let’s not forget that hideous black and purple Rival), we were all a little worried that all you guys had forgotten all about a little concept called “subtlety”. Alas, as it turns out, our fears were misplaced: pictures of Motorola’s latest (and classiest) Android to date have been leaked, and boy are they a sight to behold.

Thanks to the guys over at, we can now see that none of the design cues that characterized the Morrison have made it over to the new device, codenamed “Sholes”. Gone are the gaudy colors and rounded edges; the Sholes sports a more streamlined, industrial aesthetic. Something about the phone’s shape is reminiscent of the classic RAZR, which isn’t exactly out of left field since Motorola spent the last five years running the RAZR’s design into the ground.

Appearance aside, the Sholes looks to bring a lot to the table feature wise. Among other things, the Sholes sports:

  • a 3.7 inch touch display, running at 480 x 854
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 512 MB of storage (expandable up to 16 GB)
  • 5 MP camera with autofocus
  • Integrated GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth 2.0

From what the Motofans have dug up, the Sholes will be (after a quick name change, we’re assuming) headed to Verizon for its stateside release. What’s really interesting is when the launch is supposedly set to go down: they have it pegged for October 9th, just shy of the possible U.S. release date of HTC’s Hero for Sprint. It looks like the Summer Smartphone Wars may be spilling over into the fall, but hey- we’re certainly not complaining about it.