Windows Phone's Zune-like interface demoed on video

All the improvements rolling out with Windows Mobile 6.5 (the new UI and set of tools is now “Windows Phone,” though the name Windows Mobile is not completely gone) are coming along quite nicely. This video has many of them being demonstrated — some you’ve seen (My Phone) and some you haven’t (Zune interface, alerts, Windows Marketplace stuff), and I have to say, it all looks quite nice. Internet Explorer actually looked pretty nice, though it was going pretty slowly. Honestly, these phones can run 3D games but panning around a web page brings them to their knees?

I doubt it’s enough to turn the tide against Apple and Google (especially since Android Assault is just beginning), but it may help stop the hemorrhaging of users. Windows 7 will have a number of phone-integrative features as well, so that’s another wild card. In any case, I’d like to get my hands on one of these and try it for myself.

[The Inquirer via BGR]